Our Milk

Our milk

From grass to bottle – we are very proud of our product. With a slightly sweeter taste, all of the goodness retained, we passionately believe in the benefits of our milk.  We leave our milk as nature intended, full of vitamins, minerals and protein.  This milk will be a minimum of 95% fat free.

It is in effect a complete food source whilst re-hydrating your body.

Drink it, put it in coffee, bake with it, treat it as you would any other milk, but notice the difference in taste.  According to our resident northerners in the hamlet, even the Yorkshire Pudding tastes better! For more details on our milk and its benefits – including the research that suggests those with lactose intolerance can digest ‘just’ pasteurised milk, as it has not been through the industrial processes of homogenising and standardising – visit our Facts & FAQ page.

There are no restrictions as to the amount you can buy so if you want to make your own yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese as well as the more traditional recipes – rice pudding, cauliflower cheese, macaroni, porridge, white sauces, bread sauces, pancakes, Yorkshire puddings, scones, ghee and butter, clotted cream – go right ahead! Just promise you’ll share your photo’s on our Facebook or Insta page, we’d love to see what you create.

The beneficial aspects 

Due to the way we care for and feed our cows, they produce milk rich in Omega-3 fats, vitamin E, beta-carotene and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – the beneficial fatty acid. Research suggests this can benefit the immune system and reduce the risk of heart attacks.




We do not sell kefir but it is available within the healthy eating/thinking/acting community! However, anyone can make it with our pasteurised milk.

Pasteurised milk

We are only able to sell milk through retail outlets that is pasteurised, so, we’ve researched the gentlest way possible to pasteurise our milk to retain its taste and quality throughout the process. Heating it gently and carefully, before bottling, the milk is 95% fat-free with all the taste retained. Your baking still benefits from the great taste of our grass-fed cows.

We start pasteurising our milk within an hour of the cows being milked.  Within minutes of taking it out of the bulk tank, our milk is pasteurised, bottled and in a cold room at 4.0 oC or below.  We have windows into our processing room when you are welcome to watch the whole operation.

Not Homogenised

The natural sugar our milk contains can replace the sugar you add to your tea or coffee. The fact that our milk has been so carefully handled, i.e. not homogenised or standardised, means milk that handles better. If you like a frothy latte, Trink milk is perfect just ask a Barista!

Regular testing, monitoring & inspections

Red Tractor Farm Assurance – We must meet hygiene, animal welfare and environmental requirements, we must keep excellent records for everything – including veterinary and medicine.

RPA (Rural Payments Agency) – Cross compliance ensures sound environmental and animal welfare management.

Arla – sample every collection of milk for hygiene and quality collected.

FSA (Food Standards Agency) – we have regular, full inspections which include our milk production area, our routines, record checking (including veterinary records) and finally, a strict milk quality test.

EHO (Environmental Health Office) – This body provide us guidance and expectations relating to premises, processes and milk testing.

HACCP (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Plan) – quality assurance of the food processing premises and procedures.

Trading Standards – labelling regulations ensure you know what’s in the bottles, how it came to be there and all the other important small print.

Additional milk quality testing – in addition to the above we are choosing to undertake additional regular milk tests to ensure our product is of the highest quality.

Where our milk is sold

We will sell pasteurised milk through our farm shop and through other local outlets but continue to supply the majority of our milk through Arla, a farmer-owned cooperative.  However, we enjoy selling our milk to members of the public who want a locally sourced, great quality product.

Fresh farm milk, from grass to bottle!

Trink Dairy, St Ives

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