Step one was to carry out Market Research. A mother and daughter road trip around Devon visiting milkshake vending machines and stations to trial and test out different set ups.

Next, we set to designing and making our milkshake bar from scratch! We were very excited to have opened the Milkshake Bar in July 2022.

Customers are able to purchase their milk from our self-service vending machine and then add the milkshake syrup to the bottle or cups provided. With a selection of 6 flavours available, there is something for everyone!  However, we do encourage people to bring their own cups to reduce wastage.

We found happy milkshake drinkers use our benches provided and also coming to watch the cows being milked at specific times.  We love to see your social media posts and stories with your milkshakes, so please tag us @trinkdairy !

We are thrilled how popular it has been and would like to thank everybody who supported this venture!