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Great Tasting Milk

Low Food Miles

Bottled by Hand

The Great Taste of Trink

Finding great tasting local milk can feel a bit of a challenge. You want to know that your milk has been produced by a local family, who care for their herd, and take pride in supplying their milk to local people.

At Trink we believe in supporting our community and those who visit it. Our milk is sold in premium shops, cafés and restaurants, all within an average of just 10 miles from the farm where our milk is produced.

kids drinking Trink milk

Milk of choice for locals

 “We love working with Trink milk, with it being ‘just’ Pasteurised and not homogenised we find that it is very sweet and carries the flavour of the coffee through perfectly! We also love working with small local businesses like us, we think sustainable sourcing is very important!”

“When a product stands above the rest,  with the quality of their non-homogenised milk, you know there happy cows, whether at our guests breakfast table, poured into a flat whites, or cooked with in our kitchen, The Gurnard’s Head is using a far superior product”

Baristas often struggle to find milk with the right properties for making consistently great coffee. Trink’s milk is produced by grass-fed cows, so their milk produces a sweet and smooth mouthfeel which perfectly complements our carefully sourced coffee. Trink milk helps create a coffee to be savoured.

Barista Trainer, Origin Coffee

WOW! what a simply gorgeous product. It tastes divine and the porridge I made for breakfast took me back to the taste of my breakfasts many decades ago. I have only bought organic milk for sometime, but this is in a different league – super super stuff!! Thank you -especially as it is currently available at our corner shop.”

Liz R-M

“We drove up to Trink Dairy following the great signage to milk heaven to sample Trink milk… well… all I can say is WOW, this really is an amazing product and exactly how I remember milk tasting in years gone by. It was that good we drank the whole 1 litre bottle on the road down to the main road… it really does taste that good.”

Simon & Anna B

Cracking dairy, will definitely be going back. Very impressed with the service.

Will H, (via Facebook)

“Excellent flavour in the cream and milk. My 7 year old son is used to supermarket milk and asked if we could take some home with us from our holiday because this tastes much better. With this quality and attention to making it as good as you can, you deserve to do well.”

Jackie P, (via Facebook)

Caring equals quality

We understand how important it is to have confidence in the quality of the food and drink you consume. That’s why we always go the extra mile when managing the land and our herd and handling the milk so gently as little as possible.


We Produce it

We produce it

We only milk our cows once a day. This is kinder to our cows and increases the quality of the milk they produce. We also ensure that a massive 90% of their diet comes from grass grown right here on the farm. You can’t get much more natural than that!


We bottle it

We bottle it

We use the gentlest way possible to pasteurise our milk to retain its taste and quality. Freshness is vital for great tasting milk so we heat it gently and carefully within one hour of production. That’s why our milk has all the taste retained.


You enjoy it

You enjoy it

Because it is so carefully handled it tastes better. Try it yourself and enjoy the difference.

Do you know exactly where your milk comes from?

Trink Dairy in the Telegraph

Trink is uniquely positioned overlooking both Penzance and St Ives bay and is the home of the Knowles’ family and their cows. One family, with one well-cared for herd, producing milk which is gently bottled by hand before it even leaves the farm gate. So, now you really can know exactly where your milk comes from.

Springtime at Trink Farm

Our Local distributors

You don’t have to come to the farm to taste our delicious Trink Milk, although we would love to see you. We have a growing network of shops where you can buy fresh milk from.

We also supply milk to a number of café’s, restaurants, coffee shops and bars who use our fresh milk in their fresh coffee and many other recipes. Have a look at our suppliers map and see if we have somewhere close to you.

Our Milk

Quite honestly, we could talk about dairy farming all day long. We love it when people have questions or are interested to know more, so we have developed an F&Q’s section for this site to give you a little more knowledge on how we farm as well as hopefully answering some questions about why we don’t homogenize our milk, what you can do with our milk and why it tastes like milk used to.

If you something we’ve missed or have a question we haven’t answered Please let us know via the Contact page!

Stories From the Farm

All the latest news and updates from Trink Farm… as well as some old stories about the farm and press cuttings from the farm archives.

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