This is article was written for Cornwall Living recently. The Focus on Penwith section featured a number of local businesses, like us, who are making the most of our location, creating and supplying amazing produce.

Situated near St Ives, Trink Dairy produces top quality pasteurised milk which is bottled by hand at the farm. From glass to bottle, Trink milk is unique for several reasons.

Firstly, the cows are milked once a day, free range for 270 days a year, and get more than 90% of their diet from home-grown grass. Bred to a mix of Friesian and Jersey, they produce top quality milk, which is high in butterfat and protein, while remaining 95% fat free!

Trink milk is not homogenised or standardised, and is pasteurised immediately after the cows are milked. It contains all the cream in its natural state, meaning that everyone, especially baristas and chefs, can enjoy the benefits of Trink milk. Happy customers have commented on how Trink Milk “tastes fresh, smooth and creamy”, exclaiming “this is what real milk tastes like”. The consensus is that “it’s got to be tasted to be believed”, so why not visit the farm and grab a bottle from the vending machine, open 24 hours a day! For retail delivery enquiries simply contact Trink Dairy direct.