Our Cows

Our Breed

We have specifically bred the Kiwi style of cow, combining the British Frisian and the Jersey to create a lovely compact cow, that thrives off the pasture based system. Our cows are free range and on average graze 270 days of the year. This means our cows diet is approximately 85% pasture-fed; better for them and better for the milk.

From crossbreeding our cows they help us to produce the beautiful creamy milk you can purchase from our Farm. Our fat content sits around 5%, making it 95% FAT FREE! The protein is 3.4%, with the added sweet flavour that comes from the quality grass the cows graze on.

During the winter months, we bring the cows in to the yard and their sheds to protect both cow and pasture. From late November to early February, they’re given a well-earned rest/holiday before the new season begins with the arrival of new calves and replenished grass; the start of another farming year.


Our Farming System

Our cows’ calve in the spring, which is a natural time for them but it also suits the grass production on our farm with its mild climate and an average rainfall of 48 inches per year. Perfect for maximum grass production.

Our system is based on extended grazing, which means the cows can often be seen walking to a new paddock after each milking. It’s quite a sight to catch them trek, excitedly up the hill, eager for new pasture. This simple system ensures the freshest, cleanest grass and enables previously grazed paddocks to be rested, and fresh shoots to grow unchecked. Chris or Matt measure the grass every week, monitoring growth to secure the best quality grass for our cows with minimal wastage. 

This life of fresh grass, soft paths for walking, and plenty of fresh Cornish air ensures our girls stay super fit and strong. Their particular kind of cross breeding means high-quality milk, strong feet and fertile cows.  The majority of our milk is sold through a farmers cooperative, Arla, who pay according to the quality and cleanliness of our milk, therefore we naturally aim for the highest standards possible.

Trink Dairy, St Ives

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