Our Farm

The Background

On the outskirts of popular holiday destination, St Ives, the farm is spread across five hundred acres. Trink Dairy would be considered a large farm, with simply managed land and animals.

A cross breed of Friesian and Jersey cows ensure smaller and hardy animals for efficient feeding and breeding. Served early Summer, they calve in Spring. This allows them to harvest their own grass at peak season, with the cows’ lactation curve mirroring the grass growth curve. Their size, and the soft-track routes to the fields, ensures they maintain good strong feet to walk the land. Our aim is a contented cow, sustainable land management, and a quality product at the end of the twice-daily milking process.

We are committed to green credentials, using as little machinery in our process as possible and, therefore, burning as little diesel as possible.

The System

We harness the natural resource of the farm, operating a simple, repeatable system that yields around 5,500 litres of milk, per cow per year. Our lower yields, help guarantee a higher-quality product.  From our farm shop we only sell a very small proportion of our milk for discerning customers.  The majority we continue to sell through Arla, a farmer owned co-operative.

The Land

Our farm could be described as environmentally friendly.  We grow grass which is a crop ideally suited to our soil and climate. There are about 55 fields of differing sizes that are grazed by the cows. As the cows harvest the majority of their food themselves, there is minimal use of tractors and machinery resulting in a reduction in diesel usage on our farm.  If you visit the farm, you will see PV panels on our dairy roofs which have considerably reduced our reliance on the national grid.  We use the power produced to heat hot water (for cleaning), provide ice water (to cool the milk) and to power all the electrical equipment required to run a modern dairy setup.

We also rely on a network of tracks and water troughs around our farm.  You will see these wherever you look, the tracks ensure the cows maintain healthy feet and do not damage the sward (grass).  The troughs are to ensure an adequate supply of clean fresh water for the cows at all times.

If you read our family history you’ll have seen about 12 o’clock rock and it’s long believed idea… well, once upon a time… that it can heal a child with rickets. We can neither confirm, nor deny this, never having put it to the test. But, what else can we tell you about the fields?

Perhaps that two carry the name, Pen and Dray, named by Chris when he met his wife Rachel (nee Pendray – ahh!) In fact, most of the fields have names, including Cottage Field, Newgate, Warren, Tom Harry’s, Grass Valley, Roller Coaster, Sam’s, Ben’s etc etc …

There’s plenty more to find out about, we plan to keep updating the site as time goes on, so do pop back to hear more about what we’re up to, plus articles about our farming system and our cows.  And if you visit, keep an eye out for Chris and Matt’s favourite cows’ – 2011 and 2093 respectively!  Not forgetting our daughters pet cows ‘Nina’ an Angus cow, ‘Saffi’ and ‘Sylvie’!  We also have ‘April’ named by Nancledra School after watching her born on 1st April 2015.  Happy spotting …

Trink Dairy, St Ives

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