Milk heaven

“We drove up to Trink Dairy following the great signage to milk heaven to sample Trink milk… well… all I can say is WOW, this really is an amazing product and exactly how I remember milk tasting in years gone by. It was that good we drank the whole 1 litre bottle on the road down to the main road… it really does taste that good.

The whole concept you have created is fantastic! Brilliant!

Good luck with this new adventure, I am under no illusion that it will be an outstanding success. We will certainly return in the next few days & stock up.” 

Simon & Anna B, May 2017


Innovative, well put together, fantastic

“We were told about your product by a friend, so we stopped off at the farm and were so pleased to see what you are doing. It’s innovative, well put together, fantastic.

It is fascinating to understand your farming practices and the interplay of economics, soil quality, and animal welfare. This has generated good conversations around the dinner table. 

Our 12-year-old daughter aspires to be a farmer so we are really trying to learn together and ask questions to understand how different types of farms operate.”

The Smiths, May 2017


It tastes divine

“Have seen this delicious milk advertised for some time now but only had my first taste this week. WOW! what a simply gorgeous product – I knew it would be. It tastes divine and the porridge I made for breakfast took me back to the taste of my breakfasts many decades ago. I have only bought organic milk for sometime, but this is in a different league – super super stuff!! Thank You -especially as it is currently available at our corner shop.”

Liz R-M, December 2016

Cracking dairy, will definitely be going back. Very impressed with the service.

Will H, May 2017 (via Facebook)


Milk was amazing. Great to see the new venture up and running. Recommend a trip to take the taste test.

David R, May 2017 


Excellent flavour in the cream and milk

“Excellent flavour in the cream and milk. My 7 year old son is used to supermarket milk and asked if we could take some home with us from our holiday because this tastes much better. With this quality and attention to making it as good as you can, you deserve to do well.”

Jackie P, September 2016 (via Facebook)


Lovely milk & cream. Excellent personal service.

 Victoria T, September 2016 (via Facebook)


Proper milk. Naturally produced with love by a wonderful family.

 Sarah L, September 2016 (via Facebook)


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