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At Moomaid, we have always used Cornish milk for the drinks in our ice cream parlours, after all, we own a dairy farm ourselves. When Trink Dairy started selling their own milk direct, we were happy to support another local farm.

The milk is non homogenised so we were unsure how it would work for coffees but after the first latte was made, we were hooked! You can really tell that Trink milk is of the highest of quality, especially when using it for latte art, and our customers really cannot get enough of it. We have customers coming in especially for our coffees because we use Trink Milk and they love the creaminess of it.

When we are asked about what makes Trink milk so special, we explain its because of the combination of grass-fed cows and how local it is to us. The cost of Trink may be a little bit more than what you would pay in the supermarket, but you pay more for higher quality milk, and you are supporting a local family business.

In our shops, we serve the widest choice of Moomaid flavours, hot drinks, homemade cakes, cream teas and here in St Ives we even have a balcony overlooking the harbour to shelter from the sun and seagulls!

When a product stands above the rest, with the quality of their non-homogenised milk, you know that they are happy cows.  Whether at our guests breakfast table, poured into a flat whites, or used in our kitchen, The Gurnard’s Head is using a far superior product

Baristas often struggle to find milk with the right properties for making consistently great coffee. Trink’s milk is produced by grass-fed cows, so their milk produces a sweet and smooth mouthfeel which perfectly complements our carefully sourced coffee. Trink milk helps create a coffee to be savoured.

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Milk of choice for locals

WOW! what a simply gorgeous product. It tastes divine and the porridge I made for breakfast took me back to the taste of my breakfasts many decades ago. I have only bought organic milk for sometime, but this is in a different league – super super stuff!! Thank you -especially as it is currently available at our corner shop.”

Liz R-M

“We drove up to Trink Dairy following the great signage to milk heaven to sample Trink milk… well… all I can say is WOW, this really is an amazing product and exactly how I remember milk tasting in years gone by. It was that good we drank the whole 1 litre bottle on the road down to the main road… it really does taste that good.”

Simon & Anna B

Cracking dairy, will definitely be going back. Very impressed with the service.

Will H, (via Facebook)

“Excellent flavour in the cream and milk. My 7 year old son is used to supermarket milk and asked if we could take some home with us from our holiday because this tastes much better. With this quality and attention to making it as good as you can, you deserve to do well.”

Jackie P, (via Facebook)