Here at Trink Farm we are very proud of our sustainable farming policies and we think it is vitally important that people know where their food comes from and that it is sustainably and responsibly produced.  For years we have welcomed groups of school children up to the farm and are very proud that all 3 of our farm team, Matt, Jack and Jowan, visited the farm with their respective schools! (Photo above Jack, Jowan and Matt!)

Matt visited as part of his Geography class in summer of 1996, soon after he worked the school holidays and then weekends on the farm.  He enjoyed farming so much he continued studying agriculture at Duchy College and worked as an apprentice here at Trink.  We can proudly say he has been with us as part of the team since then and now lives on the farm with Sarah and their little boy Dexter!

Jack and Jowan visited from our closest primary schools – Nancledra.  After one such visit, we received a thank you letter and picture drawn by Sebastian, Jos, Ethan and Jowan.  One of the boys wrote a note on the back of what has proved to be true … as he is now working with us at the dairy and studying at Bicton Agricultural College!

jowan wants to be a farmer note
A thank you picture drawn by children

We now welcome around 500 school children per year, working with FarmLink a charity who help co-ordinate groups of school children onto the farms and also organise farmers to visit the classrooms!  With the numbers of children visiting Trink and learning where their food comes from, who knows, one of these children might be the next Matt, Jack or Jowan!

Farm Link Logo

Due to the current COVID19 lockdown we have been unable to have school visits to the farm but one of the last visits was reported by our local newspaper The Times and Echo who came along with a group of school children to see what happens on the farm.

A visit reported by the Times and Echo

SINCE establishing their own retail side of the farm, the Knowles family of Trink have seen the Trink Dairy brand grow in popularity and have seen an increase in interest in the work they do. Farmers Chris and Rachel Knowles work alongside the charity Farmlink to encourage local schoolchildren onto farms as well as farmers into the classroom.

As a consequence over 500 children have visited Trink this year and have tasted how much better Trink milk is and now know exactly where their milk comes from. Last week a group of home education children were treated to one such tour.

Throughout Cornwall there is a growing and supportive network of groups dedicated to helping and providing social events for parents and children who have decided to home school. Trink welcomes anyone to visit the dairy and watch the cows being milked.

This happens every day 365 a year anytime between 6.30am and 8.30am. The shop is open 24 hours a day, there’s even a fridge for taste testing the milk so customers can taste the difference for themselves.

Pictured: Rachel shows the youngsters some of the milking units in Trink Dairy’s parlour.

If you would like to arrange a trip to the farm (after the lockdown) please contact at FarmLink directly and they can arrange it for you.  If you are not a local school but would be interested in a Farm visit please contact Chris and Rachel at

In the meantime remember our farm shop is open 24/7 – click here to see what we have available.